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Margin Calculator

Know the requirements before you invest

Helps to determine the corpus required to create a portfolio
Helps to compute the margin required to initiate a trade
Offers the split up between the SPAN and Exposure margin

Use the Margin calculator below to determine the corpus required to create a portfolio

CompanyLTPQuantityBuy/SellExchangeMargin for DeliveryMargin for Intraday
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Beneficial for equity traders

Helps traders in calculating enough margins for any trade they wish to execute.

Calculate margin for multiple stocks

Add multiple scrips to get details at a time to know overall margin requirements.

Check and play

Different scrips require different margins. Calculator helps to understand these beforehand!


Margin Calculator FAQs

1. What is margin calculator?

The Online Margin Calculator is an online tool brought to you by Motilal Oswal to help you compute the margin (capital) that is required to begin a trade in the equities or the commodity derivatives segments before taking a trade.

2. How does the margin calculator work?

The margin calculator helps you to identify the underlying risk by taking into consideration factors such as market price, variability, expiration date of the contract.

3. What is net premium margin?

The net option premium is the total amount a trader will pay for selling one or more options and at the same time purchasing others.