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Why Fixed Income

Fixed Income is a type of investing style for which periodic income is received at regular intervals at a secured & unchanged rate. It is safe and static in nature.
  • Ideal instruments for people seeking capital protection & regular coupon income
  • Easy to judge safety level of companies, since most of the instruments are rated
  • Higher Interest rates for senior citizens
  • Deposit tenures varying from 6 months to 10 years
  • Get tax free income by investing in tax free bonds

Why invest with us?

  • Wide array of fixed income product offering's - Company Fixed Deposits, Bonds, NCDs and Capital Gain Bonds (Section 54EC)
  • Paperless investments in all Fixed income products through our terminal
  • Online Tracking feature for all your financial investments under one roof
  • Dedicated Research and Advisory desk customized recommendations based on your needs
  • Regular updates via email on new products and recommendations

Corporate Fixed Deposits

Corporate Fixed Deposits are one of the money raising tools for Companies. Through these, Companies raise money from the public and offer a fixed rate of interest for different tenures. We Offer AAA+/AAA rated companies fixed deposit with a range of 12 months to 20 years and periodic interest payment option (Monthly, Quarterly, Semi Annually, Annually) and Cumulative .

Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs) & Bonds

Non-Convertible Debentures

NCDs are one stop solution for investors looking for fixed and high interest rate for a specified period of time. It carries low risk which can be managed by investing in NCDs of companies with high rating.


Bonds are debt securities issued by corporations and governments.

Capital Gain Bonds

Under Section 54EC of Income Tax, 1961 an investor need not pay any tax on any long-term capital gains arising on sale of any asset, if the amount of capital gains are invested in specified bonds.
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