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Dawn Raid
Dawn raid is a period of time wherein the investor or the firm purchases a substantial number of shares in a company, the first thing in the morning. The moment the stock markets are open, the shares are being bought at lower costs.
Debentures are debt instruments, an issuing company offers general public as a way of raising capital. These are neither backed by collateral nor loan security but issued based on the general credit worthiness and reputation of the borrower.
Debt fund
An overall investment pool which issues various forms of investments such as mutual funds, exchange traded funds or securities is known as a debt fund. The fund comprises of core holdings that are fixed income investments such as short or long term bonds or securitized money instruments.
Deep discount bonds
A deep discount bond otherwise known as a zero-coupon bond is a debt instrument that is purchased at a price far lesser than its nominal face value. The total value of the instrument is borne by the investor only at the time of maturity of the investment.
Defensive stock
A defensive stock refers to series of well-procured investment coupons that offer investors with ample dividends and stable forms of income irrespective of what the market conditions are. As defensive bonds are always in demand, these stocks facilitate a stable growth of the investment portfolio.
When the amount required for a particular fund falls short of the mark, a deficit is created. The deficit is clearly defined as the difference between cash inflows and outflows such as trade deficit or budget deficit.
Deflation is an overall stabilized situation in the economy wherein there is a deep contraction in prevalence of circulated money. The purchasing power of people improves and wages increase unlike what happens while there is inflation.
Delivery trading
Delivery trading is the most secured form of trading wherein the investor buys the shares on the current day and sells it the very next day. In delivery trading, shares or securities can be sold at any time before the market closes.
Demand draft
A demand draft or DD is a negotiable instrument for making transfer payments from one bank to another. Demand drafts or DD's differ from cheques in the sense, the DD's do not require signatures but just require the right bank account or routing numbers.
De-mat account
A de-mat account is a trading account wherein the shares and relevant certificates of investment holders are held in an electronic form. The de-mat account holds certificates of shares, government securities, bonds, mutual funds and ETF's (Exchange traded funds) all under the same roof.
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