Motilal Oswal Glossary: Financial Terms Starting with "F"

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Face Value
Face value is clearly defined as the nominal value of a share or a security printed at the back of the share or bond certificate. The issuing company simply puts the traded security as 'Value at par'.
Foreign Direct Investment or FDI is a form of an investment, wherein a foreign country creates investment-fund portfolios in another country for establishing stronger business ties between both the countries. FDIs help the foreign company establish ownership, control administration and acquire business assets in the country where it plans its area of operations in.
Federal Reserve
The Federal Reserve is defined as the Central banking system of the United States of America established during the year 1913.
Feeder funds
Feeder funds are those funds that clearly put all their investment portfolio under the main header fund namely 'The Master fund'. One legal or financial advisor will look into all funds falling into the aforesaid master fund.
FIAT currencies
FIAT currencies are legal tender purely managed and controlled by the Government of the issuing country. US dollar is a FIAT currency and so are Euros, pounds and other major currencies of the global union.
Fibonacci series are integers derived from adding the corresponding number to the new number appearing in the series. Say for example (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, etc.). The sequence was developed by a Mathematician named Leonardo Fibonacci during 1175 AD. Quite a lot of financial derivations are derived from Fibonacci analysis.
Financial analysis
Financial analysis is a clear indicator of determining how the company is performing at the market-place. By determining the cash flow statements, profitability statements and balance sheets, financial analysts determine whether the company is in a stable, solid, liquid or in a profitable state to honor the monetary commitment of investment cum stake holders.
Financial planning
Financial planning is a comprehensive analysis of one's finances to help achieve life goals or aspirations. The holder can buy a house, pursue further studies for siblings or save up for retirement using financial planning strategies.
Fiscal deficit
A fiscal deficit is a glum scenario the economy faces when the total expenditure of the Govt. exceeds the revenue it generates. Deficit usually relates to accumulation of debts over the years.
Fiscal policy
Fiscal policy is a means by which The Govt. adjusts its spending levels and taxation policies to cater to the ever-growing demands of the economy. It is a sister strategy to monetary policy wherein the central bank influences an economy's money supply.
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