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Income scheme
Income scheme is the kind of investment vehicle which provides the investor with a specific monthly payment. These are most suited for senior citizens.
Income stocks
Income stocks are equity securities that offer regular pays and have steady increasing dividends. These also offer high yields that generate most of the returns.
Index or the stock index is the measurement of value of one particular section of stock market.
Index funds
Index funds are the kind of mutual fund with portfolio that is constructed to match the components of the market index.
Index of industrial production (IIP)
Index of industrial production is the index that shows the growth rates in various groups of industry of the economy with in a period of time.
Indian depository Receipt (IDR)
Indian depository Receipt is the financial instrument that is denominated in INR and is denominated as depository receipt.
Individual financial advisors (IFA)
Individual financial advisors are professionals who manage the finances by providing an advice related to investments, savings, property planning, taxes or retirement.
Inflation occurs when there is a broad increase in the prices. In simpler terms, inflation means that services or goods are valued as desirable when compared to money.
International Organization for Standardization currency code for the Indian Rupee is INR and this is the currency of India.
Insider Trading
When the trading of a stock of a public company is traded by individuals with the access to 's nonpublic information, it is called Insider Trading.
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