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Key Information Memorandum or KIM
Key Information Memorandum or KIM is a prospective document containing important information an investor ought to know before investing his/her hard-earned money into mutual funds or other lucrative forms of investment. These include investors' rights and privileges, risk factors, terms and conditions of contract, penalties and pending litigations, etc.
Kiwi bond
Kiwi bonds are forms of investments or bonds exclusively available to the residents of New Zealand. These are issued by NZX banks, NZX firms, solicitors, chartered accountants and New Zealand's bond issuing registry.
KRA stands for KYC Registration Agency. This KRA unifies the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements for all securities as listed on the SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India) based stock exchange firms. The Act was passed by the SEBI during the year 2011.
K Ratio is a performance linked evaluating technique to assess the equity returns over their potential risks involved. The ratio is widely used by investing firms to determine an equity's rate of returns over a considerable period of time.
KYC, popularly abbreviated for 'Know your Customer' is a process adopted by banks and financial institutions across the nation to determine the credit worthiness of borrowers or investors wanting to be a part of the firm. The term is also used by banking institutions to regulate these activities.
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