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Z bond
This is a bond where the interest gets accumulated and is added to the principal balance. The interest gets paid at a later date when the interest is accreted and hence it is also called as accretion bond.
Zero - Balance account
The account that requires the account holder to maintain a zero balance is a zero balance account. The ZBA account receives funds that are enough to cover those checks which are presented.
Zero Coupon Bonds
Zero Coupon Bonds do not pay an interest to the investor. After a year or more of maturing period, the Zero Coupon Bonds are purchased at the discounted face price.
Zero-beta portfolio
Zero-beta portfolio is a portfolio created using risk free assets.
Zero-plus tick
This is also known as a zero uptick and it is a trade which occurs at the price that is same as the trade preceding it but is higher than the trade that last occurred at a different price.
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