Cyient Ltd

CYIENT22 Jul 2024
IT - Software
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Cyient Ltd
IT - Software
CYIENT22 Jul 2024
+46.00 (+2.51%)

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How to buy Cyient shares on nse?

To buy Cyient shares in Motilal Oswal, you just need to open a demat account and get your KYC documents verified

What is the Cyient share price today?

The Cyient shares price on nse is Rs.1878.1 today.

What is the market cap of Cyient shares on BSE ?

The company has a market capitalization of Rs.20832.91Cr

What is the PE & PB ratio of Cyient shares ?

PE is 43.22 and PB is 7.1

What is the 52 Week High and Low of Cyient shares?

Cyient stock price high: Rs.2457 Cyient stock price low: Rs.1420.5

What was the past year performance of Cyient?

As on 6th April 2023, Over the period of the last 3 years, Cyient has given a positive return of 372% absolute returns to the shareholders. And over the last one year it has given a positive return of 12.59%.  

Who is the CEO of Cyient?

The CEO of Cyient is Krishna Bodanapu.

Are Cyient shares profitable?

If an investor has held Cyient shares for a period of 3  years then the investor would have received a positive return of 372% on his investment. Having said so, whether Cyient shares would be profitable in the future or not, depends on various factors, such as the company's competitive advantages, the industry growth, competition, financial soundness of the company and regulatory changes.

What is the future of Cyient?

The future prospects of Cyient, in India, depend on several factors, including the overall economic and political environment, the demand for engineering and technology solutions, and the company's ability to stay competitive in a dynamic market. Despite that, Cyient's investments in cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, and IoT, and the expansion of its capabilities, could open up new markets for the company and drive growth

How good is Cyient to invest in?

Cyient is an Indian engineering and technology solutions company that offers services in aerospace, rail transportation, defence, utilities, communications, geospatial, medical technology, semiconductor and other industries. 

The company has a diverse customer base, global presence, and a strong track record of technology and innovation driven solutions. Nevertheless, the company's market dominance, financial performance and future prospects are key factors to consider when evaluating its potential as an investment opportunity.


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