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Dodla Dairy IPO - Dodla Dairy IPO Date, Share Price And News
05 Aug 2023

A new IPO has now been announced by Dodla Dairy. Several investors have turned their interest towards this IPO as the product manufactured by Dodla Dairy is considered an essential item. With time, the demand for essentials only increases. As a result, many investors aim to buy large amounts of shares in companies that primarily manufacture essential items and goods. This article speaks about Dodla Dairy IPO along with further details about the company.

About the company

Dodla Dairy is a Hyderabad-based dairy company that primarily sells branded milk (full cream, toned, processed, double-toned) and dairy-based value-added products such as curd to consumers. It is surprising to know that Dodla Dairy is the 3rd largest player when it comes to procuring milk per day. They procure nearly 1.02 million liters of raw milk on a daily basis. Dodla Dairy also sells ultra-high-temperature processed products like butter, ghee, ice cream, flavored milk, and more.

Dodla Dairy has nearly 13 processing plants across India and has 254 dairy farms and carries out its operation across 5 states (Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka) in India. In addition, Dodla Dairy has 40 sales offices, 863 milk distributors, and 3336 distribution agents across 11 states in India. When it comes to the revenue of the company, Dodla Dairy has reported nearly 27.18% of its revenue to be from value-added products and 72.81% of its revenue from milk.

Dodla Dairy IPO details

Dodla Dairy is a company that manufactures dairy products that is very popular among investors. Now that you’ve gained an understanding of the company, let’s plunge into further details of the IPO.

Dodla Dairy Date

Dodla Dairy has not announced the listing date to the public yet. Typically, the upcoming IPO 2023 will last for about 3 to 4 days after which the shares will be allotted to you based on the demand. In case you are not allotted with your shares, the payment you had made will be refunded to your bank account.

Dodla Dairy IPO Share price

The face value of the Dodla Dairy IPO share is Rs. 10. The price band of the share price for the IPO has not been released yet. Other details such as the minimum lot size, maximum investment allowed, etc. have also not been updated by the company as of now.

Dodla Dairy IPO issue size

Through the upcoming IPO, Dodla Dairy raised Rs. 50 Crores by offering 1,00,85,444 shares. The sale comprises 83 Lakhs shares from the TPG Dodla Dairy Holdings, 3,27,331 shares from promoter Dodla Deepa Reddy, 4,16,604 shares from Dodla Sunil Reddy, and 10,41,509 shares from the Dodla Family Trust.


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