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Planning your retirement
05 Jan 2023

Since most individuals believe that retirement is far off and that responsibilities for the immediate future are more pressing, retirement planning is one of the subjects that the working population avoids the most. Many people become concerned about losing their financial independence when they approach their retirement date and discover they have not saved enough for their retirement. The climax of your career's many years of arduous work is retirement. You should be enjoying the best years of your life at this point and be financially secure.

What is retirement planning crucial?

  • Increasing medical expenses: As people get older, health issues become more of a concern. However, the price of high-quality private healthcare is rising quickly in India. A catastrophic sickness might cause you to lose a significant portion of your retirement funds and put you under a lot of stress.
  • Inflation: Over time, inflation lessens the purchasing power of money. It is crucial that your money increase over time in order to combat inflation. Planning for inflation is necessary.
  • No pension: The majority of Indians do not have pensions. Contrary to western countries, India does not have a national pension programme as a safety net for its private sector workers. By carefully planning their savings and investments throughout their working careers, they must develop a source of income for themselves after retirement. As a result, one of your top financial priorities while working should be retirement planning.
  • Falling interest rates: Traditionally, seniors' steady financial flow comes from FDs and small savings schemes. Interest rates for government small savings programmes have dramatically decreased during the previous 20 years. The money supply will increase and interest rates will decrease more as our economy expands. To earn enough income to cover your post-retirement needs, you must save more and build up a bigger corpus.

Mutual funds for planning your retirement

One of the most significant characteristics of wealth generation is return on investment. Your returns may be higher if you have exposure to a variety of asset classes and subclasses through mutual funds. Equity has historically outperformed all other asset classes in the long run, according to historical statistics, and has the ability to increase investors' wealth over a lengthy investment horizon.

Systematic Investment Plans

One of the finest ways to invest for retirement planning is through a mutual fund systematic investment plan (SIP). Depending on your investing needs and risk tolerance, you can use SIP to invest in a mutual fund scheme of your choice using your regular monthly savings through auto-debit from your savings bank account. SIP can be a disciplined approach to investing because it forces you to monitor your spending and make regular investments.

Wrapping Up

During our working years, saving for retirement should be one of our top financial objectives. Many people forgo their retirement plans in order to support their children's marriage or higher education. They are unaware that if they lose their financial freedom during retirement, they can wind up burdening their offspring with debt. One of the investment options for retirement planning that also helps you achieve other financial objectives is using mutual funds. With your financial advisors, you should go over how to use mutual fund investment for retirement planning.

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