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Best FMCG Stocks In India 2023

The Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) is widely considered to be a defensive sector. A defensive sector is resistant to unfavourable market movements. In addition to being stable during bouts of market volatility, FMCG companies are also usually very profitable. This makes them a great investment option. 

But with so many FMCG stocks in India, choosing the right ones to add to your portfolio can get overwhelming. So to help you out in this regard, we’ve come up with a list of the best FMCG stocks that you can consider investing in. Let’s take a look.

Best FMCG Stocks In India 2023

1. Hindustan Unilever Limited 

The first in this list is the largest Fast Moving Consumer Goods manufacturer in India - Hindustan Unilever (HUL). Incorporated in 1933, the company is dominating the entire FMCG market in the country with a massive brand portfolio of over 400. The primary business segments of HUL include home care, personal care, and refreshments. Some of the company’s most popular brands include Lux, Surf Excel, Sunsilk, Lakme, Axe, and Horlicks, among others. As of March 01, 2023, the share price of Hindustan Unilever was Rs. 2,466.25. 

2. ITC Limited 

Although ITC stepped into the FMCG business very late, it has made a huge name for itself within a short period. Established as the Indian Tobacco Company in 1910, the entity renamed itself ITC to enter the Indian FMCG market. Although cigarettes continue to remain its primary business segment, ITC also has other main business lines like food and beverages and personal care. Bingo Chips, Aashirwad Atta, Savlon, Vivel, Fiama, and Classmate are a few of the noteworthy brands of ITC. The share price of the company as of March 01, 2023, was Rs. 378.70. 

3. Marico Limited 

Formally established in 1990, Marico Limited started their business with just one brand - Parachute, which dealt in pure coconut and refined edible oils. The company later diversified its portfolio by introducing several hair care products and by getting into the skincare segment. Some of the key brands, other than Parachute, owned by Marico include Kaya Skin Clinic, Revive, Saffola, Livon, Set Wet, and Coco Soul. Currently, Marico is present in over 25 different countries including Egypt, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Vietnam, among others. The share price of Marico Limited as of March 01, 2023, was Rs. 495.95.

4. Dabur India Limited

Founded in 1884, Dabur is one of the oldest FMCG stocks in India. The company started its operations as a manufacturer of healthcare products with its base in Kolkata. Dabur India has a strong market share of about 5.5% and is involved in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic products, personal care products, pharmaceuticals, and food products. Other than Dabur, the company’s brands include Odomos, Vatika, Odonil, Real, Hommade, Fem, and Oxylife, among others. As of March 01, 2023, the company’s share price was Rs. 527.25. 

5. Godrej Consumer Products Limited

Godrej Consumer Products Limited is another one of the top FMCG stocks in India. The company has two primary business lines - home care and personal care. Currently, the company has as many as 29 different brands under various segments. This includes some popular names such as Nupur, Cinthol, Ezee, HIT, Aer, and Good Knight, among others. Apart from having a strong presence in India, Godrej Consumer Products Limited has also expanded to the African and South American markets. The share price of the company as of March 01, 2023, was Rs. 912.05.

6. Nestle India Limited 

Formed in 1959, Nestle India is a subsidiary of the Swiss multinational company Nestle. The company’s primary focus is in the food and beverage segment, where it controls multiple brands that cater to a wide range of the populace. Some of the brands owned by Nestle such as Maggi, Nescafe, A+, and KitKat are nothing short of iconic. The share price of Nestle India Limited was Rs. 18,778.85 as of March 01, 2023. 

7. Britannia Industries Limited 

One of the best FMCG stocks in 2023 is the iconic Britannia Industries Limited, which is widely known throughout the country for being one of the best biscuit manufacturing companies. The company’s entire focus is on the food segment, under which it has 7 different sub-segments. This includes biscuits, bread, dairy, cakes, rusk, creme wafers, and croissants. Good Day, Marie Gold, Milk Bikis, and Little Hearts are a few of the popular brands owned by the company, which are still in demand even to this day. As of March 01, 2023, the share price of Britannia Industries Limited stood at Rs. 4,379.80. 

8. Bajaj Consumer Care Limited 

Established in 1930, Bajaj Consumer Care Limited is another great FMCG stock that you can consider investing in. The company’s business and its products are focused primarily on hair care and personal care. One of the most popular products from Bajaj Consumer Care includes Bajaj Almond Drops and Bajaj Nomarks. In addition to a strong business hold in India, the company also has a thriving international business in over 33 different countries. The share price of Bajaj Consumer Care Limited was Rs. 158.95 as of March 01, 2023.


The above-mentioned 8 FMCG stocks in India make up almost the entire industry. Investing in them should give you adequate protection from downsides caused by market volatility and unfavourable market movements. That’s not all. Considering these companies’ profitable nature and stable financials, you also get to enjoy regular dividend payments. 

That said, to invest in the best FMCG stocks, you would first need to open a demat account. You can do that by visiting the website of Motilal Oswal. Once you’re there, all you need to do is simply fill up and submit an online application. A trading and demat account will be opened in your name in no time. Once you have the account, you can proceed to invest in FMCG stocks, mutual funds, and even upcoming IPOs. 


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