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How can I apply Voter ID Online?

05 Jan 2023

The process of apply for a voter id has been substantially simplified. Applicants have the choice of either applying for the voter ID card offline, online on the internet or through a mix of offline and online. The choice is entirely yours. The bottom-line is that all the three processes are fairly simple to apply and use. If you are wonder as to how can I apply voter ID card online or if you wondering where to get the voter id application then you could find all the answers here. Let us begin with understanding the actual process of voter id online application in general.

A general approach to applying for a voter id
Once your documents are all in place, the next step is actually applying for the voter ID card. The following is the detailed process for the same.

To begin with you must first log in to the Election Commission official website.

Once you log in, the next step is to select the state you reside in from the drop-down. Ensure that you select the state properly as your name will them be mapped to the relevant electoral rolls. Once you have done that, you will be redirected to your state-specific Chief Electoral Officer page. All the states have their own relevant pages on this website.

If you are not yet registered, then you need to first register yourself by click on the Register Button. Once that is done, you are required to change your password and then log into your section. There are times you may have forgotten your password for accessing. In that case, you can go through a small verification process and retrieve your password online itself.

If you are a new user, you will be asked for your basic details like your first name, last name, email ID, mobile number, and your gender to create an account. Once you enter these details and click on “Continue”, your login credentials will be sent to your registered email ID.

Once you log in credentials reach you, it can be stored in a separate folder for future reference. Once you log in with the credentials you received, you will be asked to change your password for security reasons.

Once you log in you need to click on the “Form 6” or “Application for including name in assembly constituency voters list” option.

The next step is that you fill the form accurately, attach a passport size colour photo, and click on the “Submit” option.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have to visit the nearest voter ID facilitation centre with all the supporting documents like age proof, address proof and identity proof to complete the formalities.

Online, offline and semi-online method of voter id application

As a citizen of India you can apply for a voter ID in three ways; online, offline or through semi-online method. Here is how to go about each of the methods.


Online Method
Applicant must begin by visiting the national voter’s service portal (NSVP) website
Either register or log in if you are already registered
The online ‘form 6’ will open and applicants fill in all the details form 6 and submit form
Additionally, applicant must upload a photo and supporting documents with reference to Voter ID Status.

Semi Online method
Applicant must begin by visiting the national voter’s service portal (NSVP) website
Download ‘form 6’ and fill the form with relevant details.
Submit the completed form 6 along with a photo and supporting documents at an Election Office near you by either post or in person.

Offline method
Applicant must visit the nearest State Election office and request for Form 6.

Fill ‘form 6’ with necessary details and provide all supporting documents such as Identity proof, address proof etc. The applicant may submit the completed form to the respective election office.


Voter ID is only issued after necessary verification of all documents and details provided by the applicant. If there are any discrepancies the application will be sent back.


What does your voter id card contain?

A voter ID card is an accepted form of personal identification in India as it is issued by a government body along with your photo identification. The voter ID consists of the following details:

A unique Serial number

Photograph of the cardholder

A hologram containing respective state/national symbol

Name of cardholder

Name of cardholder’s father

Gender (Male or female)

Card holder’s date of Birth

The card holder’s residential address and signature of the issuing authority (Electoral registration officer) are on the rear side of the voter ID card. Thus, apart from being your basic document to vote, it can also be used as a proof of address and as a proof of identity.

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