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T & N days
Financial businesses rely upon people, tools and equipment for performing their day to day operations. T & N days is a financial console which helps the business relocate from one place to another.
Tactical Asset Allocation
Tactical Asset Allocation or TAA is a comprehensive strategy that involves categorizing the various assets held by a company into different forms. This is to create a stronger market share for the aforesaid entity.
Tax Deducted at Source or TDS
Tax Deducted at Source or TDS refers to certain percentage of an employee's income that is instantly deducted from the person's salary. The percentage of tax that stands deducted is prescribed by the Income Tax Authority of India as per provisions of the Act passed in 1961.
Tax deferral
Tax deferral refers to a scenario wherein a tax payer can defer or postpone paying up taxes to a future point of time. The taxes can be deferred infinitely or lower slabs of taxation can be implied on certain forms of investments to enable the tax-payer to pay taxes without any defaults.
A T-Bill otherwise known as a Treasury bill is a short-term bond or obligation issued by financial companies based out of the US. These bonds are usually tendered in denominations of $1000 and can take up values going up to $5 million.
Term loans
A term loan is a kind of a monetary loan that has a specified rate of interest. It is repaid anytime between one and ten years. The loan amount is usually repaid as regular equated installments.
Thematic fund
A thematic fund is a variant of mutual fund which can offer investors with optimal rates of return. The funds are invested in different thematic stocks like international fortune 500 companies, commodities, companies operating with a multi-exposure domain, etc.
Thin market
A thin market is usually a share broking firm dealing with a fewer number of stocks or shares. Otherwise known as a narrow market, it is characterized by huge trading positions in favor of the trader or investor.
Time value of money
Time Value of Money or TVM is the idea wherein the value of money at the present time is worth more than the same amount of money available at a future point of time. The underlying principle behind TVM is that the idle funds need to be deployed in revenue -earning sources so that the value of money multiplies over the course of time.
Trade day
Trade day is the span a trading stock exchange is open all through the day. At the New York Stock exchange, a trading day starts at 9:30 am in the morning and closes off at 4 pm.
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