Oil India Ltd

OIL12 Jul 2024
Crude Oil & Natural Gas
+66.20 (+12.00%)
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Oil India Ltd
Crude Oil & Natural Gas
OIL12 Jul 2024
+66.20 (+12.00%)

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How to buy Oil India shares on nse?

To buy Oil India shares in Motilal Oswal, you just need to open a demat account and get your KYC documents verified

What is the Oil India share price today?

The Oil India shares price on nse is Rs.617.65 today.

What is the market cap of Oil India shares on BSE ?

The company has a market capitalization of Rs.100467.43Cr

What is the PE & PB ratio of Oil India shares ?

PE is 13.83 and PB is 2.28

What is the 52 Week High and Low of Oil India shares?

Oil India stock price high: Rs.652.5 Oil India stock price low: Rs.169.1

What is the correct way to invest in Oil India?

A way to invest in Oil India stocks is by signing up with a reliable broker such as Motilal Oswal. First, you are required to open a demat and trading account, and then place an order to buy stocks through the broker. After the stocks are bought, they are deposited in the demat account. You can also invest in Oil India via the channel of mutual funds through your broker. 

How can I sell Oil India shares?

You can sell Oil India shares by signing up with a broker like Motilal Oswal. You will need to open a demat account and a trading account first. Once your shares are transferred into your demat account, you can place a request to sell the shares with your broker. The proceeds of the sale will be deposited in a linked bank account or your trading account. 

What is the ROI of Oil India shares?

The return on investment, or ROI, for Oil India shares over the last 1 year is +6.19% and for 3 years is +183.43 as of 23 April 2023. 

Can I buy Oil India shares now?

You can buy Oil India shares at any time. All you need to do is to sign up with a premier broker like Motilal Oswal and open demat and trading accounts first. These will be linked for seamless transactions. After these accounts are opened, you can place a buy order with the broker and buy shares. The shares bought will be placed in the demat account and will be stored there electronically. 

What is the trending volume of Oil India shares?

The trading volume of Oil India shares is 11.39 lakhs as of 23 April 2023. 

How often are dividends paid on Oil India shares?

The last dividend paid on Oil India shares was in February 2023. This was an interim dividend. Oil India has been paying dividends (final and interim) from 2020 to 2023 on an annual basis. 

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