Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Ltd

PGHH12 Jul 2024
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Procter & Gamble Hygiene and Health Care Ltd
PGHH12 Jul 2024
+50.55 (+0.30%)

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How to buy P & G Hygiene shares on nse?

To buy P & G Hygiene shares in Motilal Oswal, you just need to open a demat account and get your KYC documents verified

What is the P & G Hygiene share price today?

The P & G Hygiene shares price on nse is Rs.16965.15 today.

What is the market cap of P & G Hygiene shares on NSE ?

The company has a market capitalization of Rs.55070.13Cr

What is the PE & PB ratio of P & G Hygiene shares ?

PE is 73.82 and PB is 52.26

What is the 52 Week High and Low of P & G Hygiene shares?

P & G Hygiene stock price high: Rs.19250 P & G Hygiene stock price low: Rs.14905

What is the innovation strategy that positively affects P&G stock price?

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is a multinational consumer goods company, operating in several sectors such as health, personal care, home care, and beauty.

P&G's innovation strategy is largely focused on developing new and improved products and technologies, and optimising operations to create value for shareholders. By investing in research and development, and sustainability, P&G has been able to innovate and create successful products, reduce costs, and improve its environmental footprint, which has potentially positively affected its stock price.


What is the investment rating of P&G?

ICRA Ltd. is an Indian investment information and credit rating agency, founded in 1991 as Investment Information and Credit Rating Agency of India Ltd. As on 27 June 2019, the ratings for P&G Hygiene were removed at the request of the company. The previous rating was [ICRA]AA+ (on watch with positive implications).

What is the long-term outlook for P&G stocks?

Procter and Gamble Hygiene and Healthcare has given returns of +28.19 for the last 3 years as on 24 April 2023. 

The long-term outlook for P&G stocks is dependent on various factors and these have implications for the company’s future and growth. The factors may not be exhaustive but include the following: 

  • Company performance
  • Company’s position in the industry
  • Company’s ability to innovate and create new products
  • Demand for the company’s products
  • Company’s ability to deal with the competition
  • Industry and market trends
  • Regulations and macroeconomic conditions

How has profitability of P&G stocks evolved over time?

In December 2019, the net profit of the company was at Rs. 151 crores. In June 2022, net profit had risen to Rs. 576 crores. 

What is the debt-to-equity ratio of P&G stocks?

The debt-to-equity ratio of P&G stocks is 0.01 as on 24 April 2023. 

What is the EBITDA margin of P&G?

The EBITDA margin of P&G is 25 % as on 24 April 2023.