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How have Mobile Applications Revolutionized Investing and Trading Experience in India

05 Jan 2023

The Indian Share Market recently touched the $3 Trillion mark, climbing to the eight position among the top ten largest stock exchanges in the world. This achievement is backed by a number of reasons to celebrate. First among many is that the Indian Share Market took only 4 years to grow by a trillion. After struggling for almost 10 years to grow from a Trillion Dollar Market to a $2 Trillion Market, the Indian Stock Market in 2021, claimed the $3 Trillion crown. Second, in the list of reasons is the increasing interest of retail investors. According to Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) data, new demat account additions rose to an all-time high of 10.7 million between April 2020 and January 2021. This is an increase of more than double the new accounts opened in FY20 at 4.7 million. Now, the real question is what’s driving retail investors to invest in the Indian Stock Market?

According to market experts one of the reasons for this growth in the number of investors is the emergence of new technology. Online trading and investment has drastically changed the way Indians trade. The ‘one-click’ investment option has created a space for novice traders and investors to learn on the go. Prior to the introduction of online trading, individuals would hold shares in physical forms. Each share held was issued a receipt which had to be kept protected and in shape to claim the returns. This was not only hard but also made the market unsecured.

Technology, however, changed everything. And the cherry on the top was the introduction of mobile applications by brokers. Mobile application turned the stock trading practice into a routine for every individual in India. For example - MO Investor stock market trading and investment app developed by Motilal Oswal, has become a one-stop-shop for both investors and traders. Personal dashboard helps investors and traders to keep a 24 by 7 surveillance on their favourite stocks. Not only this, trading and investing is simplified at its best. Individuals have to just search for their stocks, enter a quote and make a transaction. The trade is executed within milliseconds! Added to this is the wide range of products that are made available with no added extra cost. Individuals, in the same app, can subscribe to an IPO, buy Mutual Funds, or subscribe to various other wealth creation schemes, according to their wish. At one time, individuals would have to run and compete to bid for shares, but with the introduction of mobile applications - trading has become a way of life!

Mobile applications have built a sense of trust and security among Indians. By giving full control over managing their own portfolio, to accessing thousands of reports, news and updates online, Indians are steadily participating in the steadily rising stock markets. Real-time trading and price monitoring has enveloped an association with stock brokers, where Motilal Oswal stands at the top. Growing older with the market, Motilal Oswal, over the past 33 years, has continuously brought changes, keeping in sync with time and technological advancements.

By developing separate mobile applications for traders (MO Trader) and investors (MO Investor), Motilal Oswal is trying to provide an opportunity for all Indians to participate in the growth of the Indian Market irrespective of whether you are a small time trader with a capital of Rs. 1000 or a big long term investor with Crores at your disposal!

Join our MOSL family of 15L+ investors and traders and experience a new age, Phygital Investing!

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