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Open Demat Account and IPO Application on WhatsApp

It's intriguing how far India and its fintech industry has come with regards to the use of technology in every sphere of its functioning. With integration at the core of every service, leading brokerages like Motilal Oswal are adopting technology and providing services to clients that can make processes easier than before. The aim? To use technology in integrative systems in such a way as to promote more business in terms of applying for numerous investment instruments, like IPOs, for instance. Through WhatsApp, Motilal Oswal permits users to undertake Upcoming IPO 2023applications and open a Demat account and thereby, promote a great degree of IPO applications. 

  • Services Via WhatsApp

Demat account opening used to be a tedious process a while ago. Then came a simple online opening process that enabled users of advanced technological platforms, like Motilal Oswal’s, to open Demat accounts online. Now, in a step further, you, the investor, can open a Demat account through the very user-friendly WhatsApp app. In fact, it is easy to open a free Demat account through the WhatsApp channel in a brief period. What’s more, any investor, whether already registered with the brokerage or not, can subscribe to any given IPO (initial public offering) through the same WhatsApp avenue. Additionally, you don’t have to leave the chat window and your application continues seamlessly through WhatsApp. To promote less-opted-for investment avenues like IPO subscriptions, Motilal Oswal has brought out this new service. It expects to see a significant growth in applications to IPOs in the foreseeable future. 

  • IPO Application Made Easy

While traditional ways of investing in an IPO may be tedious so as to compel investors to ignore this kind of investment, the integration of applications using WhatsApp will serve the purpose of acting as an enabler for first-time investors, making investing simple and quick. WhatsApp is an accessible and easily navigable app to use. Opening a share market Demat account may be on the agenda of most investors, and already, many individuals own Demat accounts, but as many don’t throng IPO applications. However, in the recent past, there has been an uptick in IPO applications, and many fresh investors are at a loss of how to apply for them. Hence, this may be the appropriate time for top brokers like Motilal Oswal to seize the day and open this new access to investing in IPOs

  • Investment on WhatsApp

It's convenient to open a Demat account through WhatsApp by clicking on a link on WhatsApp that lets you go through a short process to start an account. You will have to enter details like your phone number, email ID, PAN information, etc, to open an account. To apply for any IPO, you will have to undergo another similar process through a chatbot on WhatsApp. You will see a variety of options including ‘IPO Application’, and you can apply for any IPO listed. 

  • Invest and Diversify

A proficient broker like Motilal Oswal encourages you to invest through a gamut of services such as custom apps, and now, a versatile WhatsApp platform. If you want to diversify your portfolio, which should be at the top of every investor’s to-do list, visit Motilal Oswal without delay!

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